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Benefits of a Housecall Practice

* Eliminates the pet's anxiety associated with going to the veterinary hospital.

* Offers veterinary care without  the risk of exposure to other animals that may be sick or aggressive.

* Provides individualized attention so that questions and concerns are fully addressed during the veterinary visit.

* Saves you the time and hassle of traveling to a veterinary hospital with a frantic pet.

Families with Multiple Pets can get all the pets cared for in one visit! 
Cat Owners: Who wants to put their cat into a carrier?
Animals that get Motion Sick: avoid the car trip.
Busy Pet Owners: easier to schedule a house call into your busy life - no travel time on your part!
Devoted Pet Owners: Do you desire more quality time from your veterinarian? House calls give you plenty of time.

The Benefits of a House Call are too numerous to list!

EVERYONE can benefit from a house call!!


Convenience. Gone are the dreaded trips into the veterinary clinic and a waiting room full of other animals. The only time spent in a house call consultation is time with you, your pet and the veterinarian. No travel time or expense on your part.

Ease. No pet hair left in your car seat, no sticking your cat in a carrier...

Quality. We have more time to the consultation. Your pet can be properly examined in their own environment, relaxed and happy, with personalized care.

Less Stressful. Because both owner and pet are more relaxed.

Time. There is no need to plan travel time or wait in a lobby.
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